• Most of the time, our skin only need simple basic products to maintain the youthful skin, not over powering by strong ingredients, or chemical generated results. 


Nourishing Series

  • This series provide simple moisture function to the skin, contains goodness derived from marigold, rose, chamomile and etc. Maltose is use as moisturiser to adjust skin pH and maintain the healthy keratin.
  • Leaving the skin feel fresh and not sticky at all.
  • Secret to the youthful soft skin
  • The sebum membranes is formed by the secretion from lipid from serums, sweat and keratinocytes on the surface of the stratum corneum of the skin.
  • It composed of fats droplets and fat bands of different sizes and shapes membrane.
  • Each time we wash our face with facial cleaner, naturally we are also wash away our natural moisture on our skin. Excessive cleansing will affect the production of the sebum film. Choose the right cleanser and skin care range of products will definitely make a lot of different to your skin.


Add on to the top text, The basic series is so simple, to maintain the basic needs of the skin and generates the different states of healing the skin itself.

  1. Because it is so simple, it is not irritating,
  2. Because it is so simple, there are no burden.
  3. What you need is the "nutrition water" and high protein lotion to make your skin pure and natural.
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