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Panco Malaysia founded and established since 1987 by Madam Goo from Penang. We are the official distributer of PANCO Skin Care and Cosmetics in Malaysia for more than 28 years. Madam Goo aka "Steel Woman" because of her passion and dedication towards this brand throughout Malaysia and Singapore. She had definitely help many small  and established saloons grow and expanding in  Malaysia and some even had become a distributor of PANCO Skin Care products in other neigbouring countries. However Madam Goo did encounter many rejection when she started because most malaysian are very sceptical with Asia's skin care products at that time but she didnt give up and believe that great product will speak for itself. Since then, the company have been growing day by day, thank to the great products which had treated and cured endless skin issues in Malaysia at that time and current. We strive to be one of the top and best skin care company that provide the highest genuine quality product and service to our customer



We ensure you that our main focus will be in quality of the products. We will make sure that customers get the best quality from us and every single customer is our V.I.P. Our manufacturer from Taiwan practised very strict guildelines in manufacturing the products, way more than the GMP standard. Majority of our products are package in the glass bottle, this is because we need to protect the product from outside elements, and to protect the products from the packaging, glass is more eco-friendly to recycle. Our product are packed with care from Taiwan to Malaysia as soon as possiblle after being manufactured. All the products will be taken care as the most precious baby with right temperature to ensure the best quality preserved before we send to our customer. PANCO Malaysia definitely want customer to received the best quality products as possible.



We offer the best skin care products in the market online which you'll hardly find in the market!. Nowadays there are many company come with lots of gimmick products or treatment devices which promised fast result to the customers. However the result usually would'nt last long as the strong energy from the machine and  the harsh ingredients from the product itself will destroy the skin immunity, killing the good bacteria of the skin and resulting a damaged skin with strong medical ingredients that trap inside our skin. PANCO are definitely famous for its high quality products derived from natural plant extract and the sea, with proven result. Our product motto is 'Beauty skin comes within'. Our skin always try to strengthen its immunity to fight against the skin issue we are facing, no matter what skin problem you are having such as acne, sensitive, dull skin, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, aging and etc, we have the solution for you. Our products are design to provide the best natural vitamin, good bacteria, micro nutrients and etc to boost your skin immunity to ensure a healthier skin and fight against your skin issue. We are being called  "Miracle Product' from our end users as we are famous for curing acne skin without causing any side effect or using chemical. We don't just stop there, we will continue till you have a healthy skin, then fairer, smoother, hydrate and moisture, a perfect skin for you. We definitely believe our product speak for ourself. PANCO upgraded the ingredient and technology from time to time for because we always keep up with the latest technology and quality ingredients throughout the world to provide the best result to our customer.



We won't serve customers with attitude of “it just a job”. We'll make sure you feel comfortable throughout your shopping. Should you require our assistance during shopping, we'll provide you the best support you can find online.


If you have any doubts/suggestions/comments about us, our products or our site, do not hestitate to contact us! We can be contacted through Enquiry@pancomalaysia.my or call us at



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