• The power of the plant can be maximised through the extraction of the essence into essential oils, providing treatment and protection to the body, skin and mind.
  • Through the sense of smell or touch, the aromatherapy Essential oil enter our brain, stimulate the body to secrete hormones and relieve mental state.
  • Through the sense of touch, the essential oil able to enter our body and skin, therefore exert a physical effect in form of natural remedies.
  • Since 1937, scientists and medical experts have discovered the medical benefits of essential oil and applied it as medicine. Through continuous research and studies, its been confirmed that essential oils can indeed regulate the body and mind and restore health.
  • The preciousness of the earth gives life vitality. PANCO selected 24 types of plant derived from the buds, flower, leaves, roots, branches, and etc as our complete set to absolute wellbeing. They can be used to treat problems on facial, body, sickness and nerves system.


  • The collection of essential oil is relevant to 5 seasons which is Autumn -
  1. Autumn harvest essential oil (repulsive lung and large intestine meridians) , 
  2. Winter - winter Tibetan essential oil (repulsive kidney and bladder meridian), 
  3. Spring - awaken essential oil (repeated liver and gall bladder meridian) 
  4. Summer - hot essential oil (repulsive heart, small intestine, pericardium and triple focus meridian) and 
  5. Late Summer - soothing essential oil (repulsive spleen and stomach meridian) 


  • Behind each of the seasons, there is an elemental energy ; the 5 elements consists of fire, earth, metal, water and wood.
  • Our essentials are specially selected from grade A quality plants, derived with the most advance technology to preserve the originality and purity of the plants into essence. For example, our Rose Aromatherapy Essential Oil is made from 1000kg Bulgarian Roses which only produce 1 litre of pure essence. A drop of PANCO essential oil able to enter our body blood stream and give immediate effect within seconds.
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