• The most basic skin care is proper cleansing of the skin especially after a whole day affair. Without a clean skin to begin with, it's a waste to used good products on blocked pores.
  • Our cleanser range from very sensitive skin to oily skin. No matter what skin condition you are facing , we have the correct cleanser to take care of your skin.
  • We are not only thoroughly cleanse your skin but we also care about maintaining your skin moisture. Panco cleansers is 100% natural, derived from plant, gentle to your skin but effectively removes all the dirts and residue out from your skin.
  • A good cleanser can cleanse the pores thoroughly without irritating the skin, without losing the natural moisture from the skin and without creating more wrinkles on the skin. 
  • Choose the correct cleanser and easy of cleansing is very important. It is as important as the skin care products. From the face temperature, the pH of the cleanser, up to the ingredients, its all matter. There are oils, dirts, fats, cosmetics and environmental pollution on and in the skin. PANCO cleansing series comes in foam, mild and no foam, gently penetrate deep into the pores without irritating, burden or damaged the skin.
  • The ideal result of cleansing is decontamination, degreasing and no loss of water. Our cleanser is well known for keeping the skin clean, fresh and moisturise after wash. Luxurious addition of amino acids, the hydrophilic surface grips the water tightly n and penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin.
  • We have few types of Deep Cleanser and Facial Cleanser that suit all your face condition from sensitive to severe climate differences. We guarantee you will feel the difference in your skin after using PANCO cleanser, we are different from your usual.
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