• "Eyes is the window to the soul", but we often overlook and neglect. Even if you buy eye products, we always limited to eye cream whereby the unique structure of the eyes requires separate maintenance.
  • According to the study, the eyes is twitching 20,000 times a day and the tears are 1152 microliters a day. Even tiny movements affect the eyes, high frequency uses and facial expressions causing the aging of the eyes.
  • After years of research and development, PANCO formulated eye care series that repair, tightening, anti aging, anti wrinkle and firming of the eyes. It able to eliminate the tiredness of the eyes, keep the eyes moisturise all day and night long through the science and technology that we created in our eye cream, essence, ampoules and mask.
  • Eyes cares consist of few major components, the ampoules most effective effect on eyes is to repair eyes elascity, eye mask promotes the metabolism of ATP cells ring and our ultra concentrated core technology infiltrating light weight eye cream, effectively smoothing and eliminating fine line around the eyes.
  • The structure of the eyes and neck is very special. The muscles of the eyes belong to the circle. In addition to the muscles, there is a small amount of fat and traces of sweat glands and sebaceous glands. The neck has no extra bone support except the cervical vertebrae, so these two parts, It is easy to produce dry and fine lines.
  • The principle of maintenance: not only the cream, but also the balance of oil and water, so the essence represents water; the cream represents oil, and the massage can make the eye and neck achieve the full effect.


    Guess, your age ! The secret to your youthful look …

    The four most common problems in the skin around the eyes ;

    1. Fine lines, lines at the end of the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes

    2. Eye edema

    3. Eye bags

    4. Dark circles

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