• The basic function of the mask is to isolate the skin from the air, allowing the skin to function as a respiratory and thermal cycle.
  • Later, it gradually evolves into a variety of types of masks, mainly for different skin types, and gives different effects to achieve skin quality improvement;
  • Divided into several categories, hydrating, oil-absorbing (improves the appearance of your pores), reviving, tightening, firming and moisturizing type masks;
  • PANCO mask is formulated specifically to maintain or treat your skin based on your needs. They're also an excellent way to help pull out impurities.


PANCO Mask exclusive features :

Home Mask

1) Oily skin - to absorb the excess oil and deep pores cleansing, use Cream or Powder mask.

2) Dry skin - to  moisture and hydrate the skin, use Film or Gel type of mask.

3) Sensitive / acne / blister skin - to calm and cool down the skin, use gel type (cool-keep the mask in the fridge).

4) Convenient mask - Over night mask, wash in the morning, let the mask do the work for you.

5) Pigmentation / whitening - Whitening Cream mask.


Special / Treatment Mask

1) Revive the dull skin - collage mask has the best result.

2) Nourish the aging skin - thermal conductivity mask, make the skin inhale/ absorb all the nutrients into the skin.

3) Weak and fragile skin - skin repair, use soft mask mould to repair, soften and hydrate the skin in the shortest period.