• If your skin is tan or easily to get tan, then you are often looks sallow, or uneven skin tone.
  • Blackening spot on our skin usually cause by formation and accumulation of melanin (weather, environment, hormonal changes, aging, ETC) .
  • PANCO Whitening IV Series emphasize on blocking the melanin from forming and expanding. 
  • This new generation of whitening series can brighten skin, promote collagen formation, soothing, repairing from beneath the skin, revitalising and protect.
  • Whitening IV combines metabolism, blockage, decomposition, and reduction, leaving melanin invisible.
  • Multivitamin C inducer effectively metabolites melanin.
  • Our secret ingredients, polysaccharides, multi-polypeptides, plant Placenta, white mulberry, etc.. bringing the highest level of whitening + anti-aging ingredients of major brands to create the medical grade of whitening effect but with 100% organic plant derived.
  • Using the modern science and technology, we no longer looking forward for surface skin whitening, but whitening start from beneath the skin and treat the skin from the root of all causes.
  • PANCO Whitening series has developed a "multi layer coated capsule system technology" which subverts the traditional coating technology to make the whitening ingredients more stable and effective.
  • We adopt unique technology by immitating the liquid crystal structure of the skin cells membrane to make the skin absorb the nutrients in whitening products into the skin naturally.
  • We have been doing research and development for more than 36 years in this field, we are taking pride to deliver only the highest quality products to our customers.
  • Panco are pioneer in skin whitening, our believe in beauty is always come from the inner side.


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