• Do you know? Melanin is a kind of cell that protects our body from skin cancer, but everyone doesn't like it.
  • Its hard to choose between health and melanin. I think everyone still chooses health! Melanin can't be eradicate because it exists in the base of our skin.
  • The basal layer of the skin will only grow when stimulated.
  • The only way to whiten is to:
  1. Fasten the metabolism process.
  2. Avoid irritating the melanin.
  3. Reducing the pigment.


Skin blackening factor

  • The color of the skin is mainly determined by the amount of melanin (known as melanin), which is caused by the activity of "tyrase" (enzyme activator) to produce a large amount of melanin, resulted skin turn darker or local melanin precipitation.


There are two main reasons: 

  1. Melanocytes are secreted by external stimulation (such as ultraviolet rays, abnormal hormone secretion, heat, inflammation, drugs, diseases, persistent temperature, persistent stress, etc.) to secrete excessive melanin, which darkens the skin.
  2. Keratinocyte catabolism melanin abnormalities cause the skin to darken and various spots to form.
  • Once the melanin synthesis is activated, the skin color will begin to darken. If this mechanism is suppressed, it will be effective whitening